Sports Taping

Can Sports Taping help

You may have seen sports taping or what is often referred to as Kinesiology taping applied to runners, cyclists and other athletes. What does it do? Well for a start, it is not a treatment in itself. Therapists use taping as a secondary line of treatment.

When treating injury, kinesiology taping gives added support, it re-distributes loading away from the injury site, therefore reducing impact of exercising on the injury. It supports the normal inflammatory healing processes and increases proprioception, the body’s ability to register movement, in the injured area. It can help to drain lymph away from the injury site and thus reduces swelling and increases mobility.

It is easy to apply, generally non-irritating and can stay in place for up to a week, it can support you through an injury, get you through a race and get you back to form.

The extreme elasticity of kinesiology tape means that it doesn’t restrict movement in the way that traditional taping does, it is comfortable, lightweight but very supportive. It is often barely noticeable.

I am trained in applying sports taping and use it successfully in my  practice. If you have had an injury or have an ongoing niggle which needs support it may be worth investigating

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