Massage – why should you have it?

Massage – why should you have it?

I am a qualified and fully insured level 5 Remedial Massage Therapist and have a Btec Diploma in sport and remedial massage from the LSSM. Since first qualifying in 2008 I have worked with a team of Osteopaths at Sphere, Ely Complementary Health Centre.

I have set up my own website here with the aim of answering some of your questions about muscle pain and problems, to give general guidance and hopefully to encourage you to find out for yourself how beneficial massage can be in maintaining the physical integrity of your body.

So why should you consider massage therapy?

You know the feeling, your body feels tired, stiff and sluggish and your head feelsĀ  muggy. The last thing you feel like is exercise but because you know how good you feel when you have exercised, you push yourself and get out there.
Exercise in all its forms, be it running, walking the dog, weight training, gardening or an enthusiastic bout of cleaning (enthusiastic?) has many benefits. It releases endorphins and reduces cortisol which in its turn reduces stress levels.
Massage goes hand in hand with this; regular massage complements regular exercise, it has a similar stress reducing effect on the body.
A good deep tissue massage will reduce muscle soreness and pain, ease muscle tension and generally create a feeling of relaxation. The bonus is massage feels really good too!
Sometimes, during exercise or repetitive use, the contractile component of the muscle doesn’t work efficiently. This can cause muscle pain or tightness.
Can massage help muscle pain caused by overuse? In the hands of a skilled massage therapist who knows the anatomy and physiology of the body and and understands how these problems develop in the first place massage may certainly help. Massage may help to reduce the impact of muscle tension. Effectively applied soft tissue therapy and massage may restore function to irritated muscles.

If your doctor says there is nothing wrong and it still hurts,try a massage!

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