Laptop neck and shoulder pain

Laptop neck and shoulder pain

Today I am hoisted by my own petard. I have been using my laptop whilst sitting on the couch and I have neck and shoulder pain. They hurt a lot. I have pain in my CD joint at the base of my neck and it runs down between my shoulder blades and across the top of my traps, together with a big headache.

So what have I done about it? I have moved to a table, but the chair height is wrong so I am still uncomfortable, I will address my workstation, its in a cold place and I don’t like working there. Most importantly, I got a colleague to give me a massage and booked myself up for next week too (and the week after that).

I know this stuff!  I advise people every working day, but I am human and I am busy.  Life has taken over and things have fallen off the bottom.  I have negelcted exercise, I have neglected stretching, I have  negelcted massage and I am very sore. We get sore because we don’t care for ourselves, getting a massage is caring for myself, it is as essential to keeping me going as getting the right nutrition.

Life is about keeping the balance and getting a massage is a key part of keeping that balance, it’s not a treat, its a necessity.

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