Treatments & Fees


  • Swedish massage  – A  style of traditional massage using a variety of strokes to give a therapeutic feeling of well being, relaxation and to clear toxins from the tissues.
  • Remedial Massage and Postural assessment – Looking at the way you use your body and the effects this has on the muscles and structures. Using remedial massage and various soft tissue release techniques to realign and relax the body and advice on how to keep the process going to correct posture and ease muscle pain,
  • This work can cover injuries acquired during sporting activities, gardening, whiplash, incorrect posture, driving or sitting at computers for long periods or general aches and pains.
  • Deep soft tissue massage – A deeper massage using specific techniques to rid the muscles and fascia of tension and
  • knots working more specifically on areas causing pain.

  • Hot stone massage – A wonderfully therapeutic massage using stones heated first in a water bath and then used to massage the body in addition to or in place of the hands. Work can be deep or just relaxing. Deep work done with hot stones tends to be less painful and have less residual discomfort than without hot stones.
  • Indian head massage – An Ayuverdic (preventative) treatment which promotes a feeling of calm clear headedness. Soothes the muscles of the neck and increases blood flow to the scalp.


Charges are the same for massage treatment, whether you choose Swedish, Deep Soft Tissue Work, Hot Stones Massage or Sports Massage or indeed any combination of these treatments. I generally select whichever mode of treatment I think is best suited to your symptoms at the time but you are very welcome to express your preferences.

I charge for treatment in units at a rate of

  • 30 minutes   £20.00
  • 45 minutes   £30.00
  • 60 minutes   £40.00
  • 90 minutes  £ 55.00

For a first treatment:

you should allow 60 minutes to give time to take a medical history and discuss a treatment plan.

For follow up treatments:

I recommend 30 minutes as a suitable amount for neck and shoulders.

For back, neck and shoulders 45-60 minutes

30 minutes is not a realistic amount of time for a full Hot Stones treatment, you should allow at least 60 minutes or, for a really relaxing treatment 90 minutes is even better.

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