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Groin Strain in Runners – Remedial massage as a treatment

Try Remedial Massage Treatment for your Groin Injury

We are into the new year and we all have renewed our determination to get lean and fit again, but what if your groin strain is preventing you from running? There are more than one type of groin strain in runners and it is important to rest and get some help if you are to prevent your groin strain becoming a chronic injury.

Groin strains often arise from a sudden increase in training or perhaps overtraining after a bit of a lay off, so be aware that if you have had a niggling groin you will be more vulnerable after the christmas break.

Remedial massage treatment may well be helpful, we can look at your posture and any underlying weak spots and work on addressing those at my clinics for massage in Ely and hopefully you will be back clocking up PB’s in no time. Still time to address a fresh groin strain to get you back running in the frostbite league.

New Year’s Resolution to get fit? Don’t forget massage

Keeping your muscles in good shape and avoiding injury

Most of us think about our fitness at this time of year. We determine to lose a few pounds and get back into shape. We may take up a sport again which we haven’t done in a while, maybe even just a few weeks. Take care! This is a prime time to pick up an injury. Having been relaxing for a couple of weeks you will have lost muscle tone. Jumping right back in there may just set you back further than you already are.

Before you go back to your chosen mode of exercise, do some functional conditioning. This means preparing the muscles which will be doing the work to cope with what you are going to ask them to do.  A remedial massage therapist can help here.  A postural analysis will help to reveal where you are weak and where you are overcompensating. Soft tissue release can help to alter the constrictions which may have led to injuries. Your therapist can advise you on exercises to strengthen weak muscles and will know which muscles are inhibiting the performance of those muscles. A stretching regime can be devised specific to your exercise regime. This will all help towards your fitness goals.

First step in your New Year’s fitness regime then? Get yourself¬† a Remedial massage and get your programme kick started!