Muscle pain – immobility is not the best solution

Massage and movement recommended for muscle pain

If you have low back pain, stiff neck muscles,hip pain or shoulder pain then reducing movement is not going to make you feel better. How often do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and sore? Muscle pain is often a lifestyle issue. Our bodies like to move, they don’t like to be fixed in a position for hours, for example at a desk, bent over gardening, or slumped in a chair watching TV.

For a healthy body you need to be well nourished, good quality food, not a slice of toast for breakfast but some scrambled eggs or porridge for example which will give your body slow burn energy and lift your blood sugar from its overnight low. A simple stretch routine on waking – the yoga ‘ Salute to the Sun ‘ routine covers all bases and will make you feel limber and energised. Build exercise into you day – every day! Walk when you can, do a little resistance work to keep you muscles strong and your balance and stamina high.

Get a massage. Massage helps to restore the muscles, shift toxins and above all it relaxes you. Come and have a monthly massageĀ  in Ely at my treatment Room in the Ely Complementary Health Centre.

Having massage is part of looking after your body, keeping it in good condition and free of muscle pain. Call and book today and see how it can work for you.

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