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Broken Metatarsal, small bone-big impact!

I have recently broken my fifth metatarsal

It is interesting to be in the predicament which brings many of my clients to me. A relatively small injury, easily done – I unknowingly stepped down an unlit step in the dark. The torsioning forces on the side of my foot from placing full weight down, was enough to snap this tiny bone.

Unfortunately I had to have eight weeks non- weight bearing. A minor disaster when you spend most of you working life securely planted on two feet.

The impact on my pelvis was almost immediate. With a cast forcing one foot upwards, the pelvis is lifted one-sidedly from day one. With damaged peroneals bound in a plaster cast to the knee, self treatment was short lived and will have to wait until they are freed! But this will be one of the first muscles I home in on when I can get to it again.

Hands complain woefully, deep massage of all the muscle pads and repeated stretching through the day of the wrist flexors, by steepling the fingers and gently pressing is helpful. The trapsĀ  and arms suffer too, so remedial massage is enormously beneficial – thankfully, I had, had remedial treatment the day I broke my foot, so I at least started out from a good position.

I have sought out fellow therapists and as soon as I am back to weight bearing will be undertaking my own programme of remedial rehabilitation to get my foot back to mobility as soon as possible.

In the mean time, I have adapted my working style and it is business as usual.